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  • Starting December 9th, residents can add plastic grocery and retail bags and foam polystyrene packaging to their recycling.  

    Plastic grocery and retail bags without drawstrings, metal detailing or hard plastic handles are accepted.  Remove receipts.  Place all plastic bags in one grocery or retail bag and tie handles together.  The following bags are not included: dry cleaning, milk (outer and inner), produce, bread, sandwich and plastic food wrap.  

    Foam polystyrene packaging includes foam protective packaging, foam meat trays, foam takeout food containers, foam plates, foam egg cartons and foam coffee cups.  All food residue must be removed. Packing chips (e.g., "peanuts") are not accepted in the Blue Bin.
  • Is your garbage not picked up on time? Are some items being left while others are picked up? Get the latest schedules.


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